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tlc-magazineLandscape Contractor Magazine interviewed Michael Anthony on the impact of HGTV. For those of you that do not know, HGTV is Home & Garden Television. There are many great things to be learned on these networks, however there is also some controversy. Are things really this easy for the do-it-yourselfer? Is installing a fire pit really this inexpensive? Some things backfire pretty quickly, leaving the homeowner spending more time and money trying to obtain that end result that looked so easy on television, or even fix what they have already ruined! While we would like to believe everything we hear on television is the truth, some things may not be reality. As having worked with the networks, our best advice is to do your research. Consult professionals, get testimonials, ask the folks at the garden stores for their input, and gather as much information as possible- it will help your success. Taking on projects yourself is fun and therapeutic, just be sure you know all it entails before embarking on your landscape adventure! Trust me, this is why we are in business!

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